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jiangsu guoxin new energy passenger car co., ltd

jiangsu guoxin new energy passenger car co., ltd., established in february 2016, with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan and 274 employees, is registered in yancheng economic and technological development zone. on january 8, 2019, guoxin's annual output of 70000 carbon fiber lightweight pure electric passenger vehicles was approved by jiangsu provincial development and reform commission. the construction site is no. 22, zhujiang road, yancheng economic and technological development zone. the carbon fiber pure electric passenger vehicle project adopts the construction plan of one-time planning and two-phase implementation. the planned total investment is 2.954 billion yuan, covering a total area of nearly 410000 square meters and a total construction area of 220000 square meters. the first phase is planned to invest 1.2 billion yuan to form an annual production capacity of 20000 lightweight pure electric passenger vehicles; phase ii plans to invest 1.75 billion yuan to build 50000 light-weight pure electric passenger vehicles per year. at present, the investment in fixed assets of the project is about 1.2 billion yuan, including 1.05 billion yuan in phase i and 150 million yuan in phase ii. carbon fiber composite thermoplastic molding process is used in phase i and phase ii. 34000 square meters of plant has been built in phase i, including yangtze river delta new energy vehicle research institute, battery pack workshop, motor electric control workshop, coating workshop and general assembly workshop, with an annual output of 20000 new energy passenger vehicles. in phase ii, 91000 square meters of factory buildings have been built and 95000 square meters are planned to be built. on january 13, 2020, guoxin obtained the announcement of motor vehicle manufacturers of the ministry of industry and information technology (237 batches). on december 30 of the same year, the first new energy passenger vehicle product entered the product announcement (339 batches).