yueda automobile (dafeng) science and technology innovation park

yueda automobile (dafeng) science and innovation park, invested and constructed by yueda group, is located at the core of dafeng port automobile industry agglomeration. based on the innovative development of yancheng automobile industry, yueda automobile (dafeng) science and innovation park will firmly grasp the opportunity of the transformation of automobile industry to electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing and the commercial application of intelligent vehicles, relying on the test field and test function extension of china automobile, focusing on the fields of intelligent and new energy vehicles and related key parts, build a comprehensive scientific and technological innovation park of automobile industry integrating r & d and design, testing, demonstration application and industrial incubation, it will become the "booster" for the innovation and development of yancheng automobile industry and the "incubator" for the emerging industry of intelligent networked automobile, and create a scientific and innovative highland of yancheng automobile industry. phase i of the science and innovation park project covers an area of 122 mu, with a total investment of about 500 million yuan, a construction area of 57817 square meters, a plot ratio of 0.74, a building density of 24.73% and a green space rate of 20%. it mainly includes r & d science and innovation center, public r & d test service center, science and innovation hotel apartments, commercial supporting facilities, etc. among them, the r & d science and innovation center covers a total area of 20200 square meters, focusing on the introduction of leading enterprises such as automobile r & d, testing and testing, as well as production, university and research bases of colleges and universities. with a total area of 6749 square meters, the public r & d and test service center provides r & d, testing and other public services for enterprises settled in the park. at present, the phase ii project is being planned synchronously, with a planned land area of 600 mu, extending to the red line of the circular runway of china automotive research corporation in the east, tonggang avenue in the south, boundary river in the west and office area of china automotive research corporation in the north. according to the principle of "high starting point planning, high standard design, high-quality construction and high-level operation", the intelligent vehicle innovation center, industrial incubation center, industry university research center technology experience center and comprehensive service center. the second phase of the project plans to complete the architectural planning and design in september and strive to start construction by the end of this year.