taibo yueda automobile glass co., ltd

taibo yueda automotive glass co., ltd. was established in may 2010 with a registered capital of us $68 million. taiwan glass china holding co., ltd. holds 51.18%, taiwan automotive glass china holding co., ltd. holds 8.82%, and yueda automobile development co., ltd. holds 40%. it mainly produces tempered glass, glued glass and its accessories for automobiles. the company covers an area of 200 mu and has 280 employees. at present, it has formed a production capacity of 600000 pieces of adult prenatal windshield, 2 million pieces of rear block and panoramic skylight glass, 1.2 million pieces of general skylight glass and 3.6 million pieces of door glass. the company is based on the marketing strategy of "based on the local, radiating the surrounding areas and entering overseas". relying on dyk, actively expand the surrounding vehicle glass market and obtain orders from dongfeng yulong, geely automobile, iveco, aoxin new energy, taihang automobile and other companies; close cooperation with yutian guanjia, webasto, aisin and other companies, strive to seize the market share of skylight glass, reach strategic cooperation with nsg company and jointly explore the global oem market. in 2020, the sales revenue will be 86.19 million yuan and the net profit will be - 32.98 million yuan, of which the supporting business revenue of dongfeng yueda kia accounts for 58% and the supporting business revenue of other automobile enterprises accounts for 42%. at present, the company is promoting the implementation of strategic restructuring.